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Caesar: Escapades in Rome

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Destiny is a journey, not a finish-line. 

I have fought pirates on the choppy waters of the Mediterranean Sea. I have wept beside the statue of Alexander, in Hispania. I have risen from defeat at the hands of Pompey, who was once my friend.   CEIR-A. David Singh


On the muddy banks of the Rubicon, I have made a difficult decision for a unique problem—just like you might be facing today.

But guess what? You don’t need a herculean physique to fight the battles of life. And you don’t need a famous father or mountains of sestertii.

All you need is grit—never letting self-doubt crush your spirit, even in the face of overwhelming odds.

Journey with me as we battle foes on land, on sea—and in life, at times victorious, at others crying in frustration, but always gaining clarity about our destiny, and striving towards it. Along this road, feel free to pick up skills that made me who I am.


Caesar: Escapades in Rome is filled with my non-stop adventures throughout Rome


Rubicon-A. David Singh




Caesar’s secret map finally revealed

Explore Caesar’s map and read the real story behind all his escapades




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Elegantly written and brilliantly crafted. Simply loved reading this book. Even though I am always trying to find the time to read, Caesar: Escapades in Rome leaves me begging for more. This book has also infected my book club members in a very short time.

Peter Prasanth, Paediatrician
The uniqueness of the stories and his choice of words in Caesar: Escapades in Rome are an expression of the author’s own unique personality. I have enjoyed sharing this enlightening and dedicated work of historical fiction with many of my students.
Mercy Henry, Economist
A. David Singh does a lot of research but keeps a small twist here and there. The next time you have to quote history, you inadvertently end up quoting from his works of fiction.
A. Gerald Henry, Cardiac anaesthesiologist
Intelligently written with positive messages at the end of each story, like ‘Keep slogging when you find yourself in an unenviable situation. The end maybe nearer than you think’, this book is a must read for the younger generation.
Doris V. Simon, Educator and Counsellor
Among the numerous evocative scenes in A. David Singh’s Caesar: Escapades in Rome, perhaps the most memorable one is that of Julius Caesar, slumped to the ground, clutching the leg of Alexander’s statue. Had Caesar succumbed to that moment of insecurity, history would have indeed been written differently.
Waheed Rabbani, Historical fiction author