Sunday, April 13, 2014

A lion, a man and a fugitive

The sketch depicts a scene from my upcoming novel based on Julius Caesar’s life (Rome, 1st century BC). Thanks to all my friends on fb who have given their interpretations about this scene. I really enjoyed your comments:

BB – ‘Swati threw Amitabh into the lion’s den’. I am sure she will be happy to do just that one fine day.
MVK – ‘Guy meeting lion’. You betcha. Spot on.
JR – ‘The kids think it is Androcles and the lion’ Wow, that brings back memories of childhood.
JJ – ‘After crucifixion and a dog on the right watching it’. That’s a very creative suggestion. Thanks.
AC and MVK – Thanks for the compliments about the sketch. I am sure Swati enjoyed them.
SK- ‘CMC bush and a lion’. Good old days, except that I never got to visit the CMC bush (an inside joke – understood only by CMC-ites)
DM & MVK – I think your comments are directed to SK. Good ones.
Swati - thanks for all your efforts and multiple revisions of the sketch to get my vision just right. The picture looks awesome with its antique look, in keeping with the time period of the story.

I think I owe an explanation: The lion is helping the man to reveal the entrance to a cave.

Next question: What do you think of the other man hiding behind the roots of the large tree (bottom left corner)? How is he involved in this scene?

Although work on this novel had been slow earlier, I am happy that my pace has picked up during the last few months. The novel is still far from finished but I am hoping that in 2014 I will polish it. So, let’s hope for the best.

To my friends from fb and others who have honoured my blog with their presence: please feel free to read more blogposts that I have written about my protagonist, Julius Caesar.  The novel is a work of alternate history and I am writing it as a thriller, with a touch of humour. I have let my imagination run riot about how Julius and his cronies (and his enemies) would have lived back in the 1st century BC.

Thank you all for visiting my blog. I will be posting tasty little tidbits as the novel progresses. I look forward to your comments and support in this venture.

~ A David Singh


  1. Amazing read. Looking forward to the tidbits. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks Alwish. Nice to see you checking out the blog. You can receive info about new posts by either joining the site or following by email or by subscribing to the blog (please find the links in the right hand column. Looking forward to your support and comments. Cheers.